Create apps on SharePoint & Microsoft 365

Sintel Forms Studio is an add-in for SharePoint and Microsoft 365 that makes it quick and easy to create mobile ready apps. Our drag & drop design interface combined with our Workflow and Logic enable you to design custom branded forms and automate business processes in a matter of minutes.

If you currently have manual processes, paper-based forms or indeed if you use InfoPath, you will find that forms built with Sintel Forms Studio can significantly reduce costs and improve efficiency in your organisation.

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Building apps is fast

Our browser based drag & drop designer is fast. Basic forms including their workflow and logic can be created in under an hour, try doing that with another platform. View features

Immensely cost effective

Compared to InfoPath, PowerApps and other 3rd party products our platform delivers incredible functionality at a price point that is a no-brainer for organisations of any size. View pricing

Very satisfied customers

Our customers love us and why wouldn’t they! Our platform offers the best functionality with a clear and unambiguous pricing model backed up by top notch support. View testimonials

Key Features


Forms that look great on any device

• Design once and use on all devices
• Complete forms using your browser
• Support remote working


Create custom branded forms in minutes with NO CODE!

• Choose from a variety of layouts
• Related lists
• Add images and tooltips
• Show/hide labels
• Adjust positioning
• Control State (Optional, Mandatory or Read-Only)
• Insert HTML


Add a workflow and view the progress of any form

• Design a single or multi-step workflow
• Incorporate approval tasks for users or groups
• Configure rich email notifications containing form data
• Control the status of forms
• Enable and enforce comments on task completion


Control visibility, set fields, perform calculations

Rules: you can define one or more rules that contain steps.
Conditions: these are used to trigger the rules such as the value of a field.
Steps: these are the operations that can be performed by the rules such as making a form read-only or executing JavaScript.


Use @mentions to ask questions and clarify

• Reduce workflow delays using comments
• @mention people for additional information or assistance
• Immediately notify people via email
• Eliminate bottlenecks


Add attachments as linked items or embed them directly

• Require users to include attachments
• Attach multiple items
• Preview them directly in your browser
• Annotate them


Request users to sign sections of a form or the entire form

• Hand written signatures can be added
via PC or any touch enabled device


Work with internal and anonymous users

• Use External submissions & External collaboration


Free mobile app for iOS and Android

Use our free mobile app to take forms offline and complete them even when there is no internet connection

Start your free 14-day trial

No commitment or credit card required.

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