Combat the spread of COVID-19 with Sintel Forms

Sintel Forms for Microsoft 365 is now available free to frontline services battling COVID-19. Additionally for other organisations we are providing free templates to help delay the spread of the virus.

Like everyone we have been amazed at how fast COVID-19 has spread around the globe and have been receiving many questions about how Sintel Forms can be used to combat this.

It has been incredible to see people from so many different professions doing their best to both slow down the spread of the virus and treat those affected. As a software company we feel it’s important to do our part and use our expertise and products to assist where we can. With this in mind we have two things to announce.

Firstly, we have made Sintel Forms for Microsoft 365 available for free for all frontline services that are battling the virus. This means that Emergency Services (Police & Fire), Medical Services (including ambulance) and even your local GP can use our platform to capture data in the field or reduce the delays and risks inherent with paper forms by automating manual processes.

Secondly, we have created 3 free form templates to assist organisations with during this difficult time.

Form Templates

COVID-19 Screening Requests Form

We designed this form based on “Form E28” which is provided by Public Health England ( for requesting tests for COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2). Hospitals or medical facilities could use this form to request tests for their patients.

The form can be easily modified to cover any other requirements.

Patient Screening Request

Due to COVID-19 many of the phonelines for GPs and medical facilities are busy. This form could be used to enable patients to anonymously submit a form containing the details of their symptoms.

Submitted forms are then reviewed by admins in medical facilities and based on the symptoms patients can be contacted and testing can be scheduled if they are at risk.

Travel & Health Questionnaire

This form can be used by organisations or doctors to survey their employees or patients to identify those that may be exhibiting some of the symptoms of the virus. This can assist them in making better informed decisions such as suggesting that employees work from home or indeed recommending that people exhibiting symptoms get tested.

COVID-19 Lets beat this!

How to get started:

Sintel Forms is an add-in for Microsoft 365 & in order to use it you must install it onto your SharePoint tenant from AppSource. If you want to use it and your IT infrastructure is managed by an external party or company simply ask them to contact us and we will be happy to provide the instructions on how to add it.


Get the App


Download a template

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So you may have a few questions, no problem.

Who are Frontline services?

Frontline services refers to groups that are dealing directly with the virus. It includes Emergency Services (Police & Fire), Medical Services (including ambulance) and GPs. If your organisation is not one of these services you can still benefit as our platform is free for up to 2 forms plus we offer free form templates.

Where do I get Sintel forms from?

Sintel Forms is an add-in for SharePoint. If you have SharePoint online as part of a Microsoft 365 subscription, then you can download it and add it to your tenant. Get it from AppSource.

Can forms be submitted by anyone?

Yes, Sintel Forms contains a feature called External Submissions which permits any user to submit a form without requiring access to your Microsoft 365 tenant. When the form is submitted all the data is securely stored in your Microsoft 365 tenant and only you have access to it. Check out our articles on External Submissions & External Collaboration.

Can Sintel assist me in building other forms?

Absolutely! Building apps on SharePoint is what we do so if you have a need for other forms or apps feel free to contact us.

How secure is Sintel Forms?

Very secure, we utilise SSL so all data is encrypted. All the data from forms that are submitted is stored in SharePoint lists within your Microsoft 365 tenant. Sintel do not have any access to your data.

What if I don’t have admins access to my Microsoft 365 tenant?

If you want to use it and you don’t have admins access to our Microsoft 365 tenant you simply need to contact the person or group that does have this access. It’s often the case that your Microsoft 365 tenant is managed by an internal IT team or external company and if this is the case simply ask them to contact us and we will be happy to provide the instructions on how to add it.

Do Sintel provide support for these templates?

The templates are provided as-is and Sintel and do not provide support for them. The templates can be easily modified by organisations to suit their specific needs and Sintel will schedule webinars to demonstrate how to modify or extend the templates.

We have a local IT provider, can we still use Sintel Forms?

Absolutely, in fact this the ideal scenario. There are a large number of organisations looking to create forms and automate processes. If you have an IT provider that you would like to engage to build forms for you then get them to contact us. We already have a number of partners worldwide that have signed up to deliver forms to their customers and we need more. Check out our partner page to see if there is one listed for your location and if you have an IT Service provider and they don’t know about us then tell them to contact us!

How long is the product free for?

Sintel Forms is free for up to 2 forms, it’s that simple! If you have more than 2 forms then you will need to purchase a license however frontline services are exempt from paying any license fee while the globe deals with this virus.

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