Getting started

Getting started with Sintel Forms Studio is free, simple and involves just 3 steps. If you have any questions on licensing, features or would like a quick demo, feel free to reach out to us.

1 Get the app

Install the app from AppSource

2 Activate it

Activate the app

3 Start designing

Start building your forms

Get up to speed quickly

If you want to learn how to use our app we recommend you check out our getting started video series. These clips are all less than 5 minutes and cover the main features.

Get help

Still unsure how to implement a design or have a question on a feature? No worries just hit us up using the blue chat feature on the bottom of your screen or call /email us.


* If you don’t have access to install SharePoint Apps on your Office 365 tenant then reach out to your friendly SharePoint admin and they can do it for you.

** If you are using SharePoint on-prem you can download the app from here, the version available on AppSource is for Office 365 only.

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