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How to install Sintel BI

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Sintel BI is available as an Add-in for Microsoft 365 and in order to use it, you must add it into your Microsoft 365 environment.

It can be added in 2 ways:

  • Option 01 Add to a Site Collection
  • Option 02 Add to a Tenant
If you are simply evaluating Sintel BI to try out its features, we recommend that you choose Option 01.

Option 01 – Add to Site Collection

  1. Download the Sintel BI App
  2. Create a site collection (we recommend something like sites/sintelbi)
  3. Within this new site collection create a site collection app catalog using either SPO or PnP

Using SPO

  • Make sure to download the latest version of the SharePoint Online Management Shell & refer to this article to understand how to use it.
  • Once it’s installed launch it and run the following commands (adjusting them as required).
Connect-SPOService -Url https://<tenant>
Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><your site collection>

OR alternatively using PnP

  • Launch PowerShell on your PC
  • Install the PnP PowerShell Module by launching Windows PowerShell as an Admin and running Install-Module -Name PnP.PowerShell
Connect-PnPOnline -Url https://<tenant><sitecollection> -PnPManagementShell
Add-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><sitecollection>


The next steps require you to be in the owners group of the site in which you are adding Sintel BI.

  1. In the new site collection click on Site contents then Apps for SharePoint
  2. Upload the app package and deploy it when prompted (you may also have to check it in)
  3. If you are not prompted to deploy the app package, then you may need to remove and re-add the Site Collection App catalog as per the following examples
Remove-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><your site collection>
Add-SPOSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><your site collection>


Remove-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><your site collection>
Add-PnPSiteCollectionAppCatalog -Site https://<tenant><your site collection>


Sintel BI has now been added to your site collection app catalog and can be added to your site.


Option 02 – Add to a Tenant

  1. Download the Sintel BI App
  2. Open the SharePoint admin center, typically this will be https://<tenant>
  3. Choose App Catalog and then select Apps for SharePoint
  4. Choose to Upload the app and then Deploy it
Sintel BI has now been added to your tenant app catalog and can be added to any site in your tenant.
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