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Install Sintel Forms for SharePoint On-Prem

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We release updates to Sintel Forms On-Prem very regularly. The latest release was on 30 June 2020

Installing Sintel Forms On-Prem involves adding two SharePoint Solution files as follows:

  1. Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp This is the main solution file containing the Sintel Forms product download latest version here
  2. Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp This is the secondary solution file that contains your license which is required to use the product. To obtain this solution file you must provide your SharePoint Farm ID to us either by emailing it to or submitting a license request form. Please note that you must do this even if you are just requesting a trial license.
If you already have Sintel Forms installed and simply want to update it to a newer version simply download it from here and then run the following command: #Updating the solution Update-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp -LiteralPath “C:\Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp” -GACDeployment


Before proceeding with the installation of Sintel Forms on your On-Prem environment you must get your SharePoint Farm ID by running the following PowerShell command on your environment…


Once you have this ID simply email it to us and we will generate the Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp file and send it back to you.

The following instructions assume you have both of the solution files listed above in your C:\ drive, if you have stored them elsewhere simply update the commands as appropriate.

Step 1 Copy both solution files to one of the SharePoint servers in your farm (we recommend using the SharePoint server that hosts the Central Administration site).

Step 2 Launch the SharePoint Management Shell choosing “Run as administrator” and then run the following commands to add and then deploy the 2 solution files.

#Adding the solutions Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath “C:\Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp” Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath “C:\Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp”

#Deploying the solutions Install-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp -GACDeployment Install-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp -GACDeployment

  That’s it, you now have Sintel Forms installed and your license is applied.

If for any reason you need to retract or remove the solutions you can use the following commands

#retracting the solutions

Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp -AllWebApplications

Uninstall-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp -AllWebApplications

#removing the solution

Remove-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.Onprem.wsp

Remove-SPSolution -Identity Sintel.Forms.OnPremise.License.wsp

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