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No actions appearing in the actions menu

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When you attempt to complete an action no actions appear in the Actions menu.



There are a number of potential reasons why actions would not appear in the Actions menu as follows:

#1. There is no action defined in the current status-check your Sintel Forms workflow config

#2. There is a rule hiding the action-check your Sintel Forms logic config

#3. The action is assigned to a SharePoint group and it’t not configured correctly-check your SharePoint group settings

#4. There is another process, 3rd party app or workflow interacting with the list and interrupting the save process of Sintel Forms-ensure that there is a delay before other processes interact with list items when they are created/edited so they don’t impact the save process of Sintel Forms.

FYI when you click the “Save” button within the Sintel Forms Viewer the following steps occur in the following order:

  1. Concurrency check (only used when dealing with existing forms, aka list items, not new ones)
  2. Create main list item (for the form)
  3. Create linked list items (for linked lists)
  4. Execute after save script if one is defined within the settings
  5. Save workflow status (GUID and display name-within the main list + workflow list)
  6. Queuing email notifications
  7. Upload attachments (main list & linked list)

If you have some other process, 3rd party app or workflow running you can try to either disable them temporarily and re-test creating a new form OR add a delay to them such that if they are triggered on item creation so they don’t interrupt our save process OR add a condition such that they don’t update anything before verifying that the Form Status or GUID field contains a value.

#5. Some browser plugin affecting Sintel Forms-refer to our guidance here

#6. There is some other issue that we have not seen before-contact us for assistance

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