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Sintel Forms Save Process

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We get lots of questions about the Sintel Forms save process from customers who are using third party products or other workflow engines such as Power Automate.

The Sintel Forms save process is as follows:

  1. Concurrency check (this step is only applicable when editing existing forms (aka list items) it does not apply to new forms.
  2. Create a list item
  3. Create linked list items
  4. Execute after save script if defined
  5. Save workflow status (GUID and display name-within the main list + workflow list)
  6. Queuing email notifications
  7. Upload attachments (main list & linked list)

Key points:

  1. In Steps 2 & 3 one or more list items are created
  2. In steps 4, 5 & 7 one or more list items are updated

If you have some other process or workflow running, we recommend that you add a delay so if they are triggered on item creation or item change that they don’t interrupt the save process of Sintel Forms. Alternatively, you can add a condition that they don’t update anything before verifying that the Form Status or GUID field contains a value. Many customers who are using other workflow engines such as SharePoint Designer and Microsoft Power Automate add a delay at the start of their workflow.

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